The fire prevention bureau is involved in the plan check process for a new building and enforces the provisions of Chapter 14 of the International Fire Code, where applicable or NFPA 1 where applicable. These practices involve inspection of built-in fire mitigation elements such as sprinklers and fire alarms.


Information For Construction Personnel

These Powerpoint presentations are aimed at providing valuable information for construction personnel.


CFSP Chapter 5 - The Fire Service is an Important Partner



The mission of this website is to provide background information to both public and private sector organizations regarding how to reduce the frequency and severity of fires during construction. This site identifies many best management practices that were collected during a literature search.


This website was developed as a cooperative effort of the American Wood Council, an industry based Stakeholders Group and Fireforceone. The original research was based on search for management practices that could be utilized to “Reduce Fires in Buildings Under Construction”. The primary target audiences are those involved in the construction of large-area, multi-family housing.

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